The Bead Museum's Reference Library

An invaluable resource for anyone interested in beads, our Library contains thousands of volumes on beads and related objects. For serious bead historians and researchers, we have scholarly texts and periodicals about beads through the ages. Designers find a wealth of books on adornment featuring beads from around the world. Collectors appreciate the many books and articles available to help them identify their mystery beads and learn more about them.  Beginning beaders benefit from technical advice found in our collection of how-to books.

New books in our library reference collection:

Aditya Arya

ARTS OF DIPLOMACY: Lewis and Clark's Indian Collection
Peabody Museum Harvard University

The Hidden World of the Naga:
Living Traditions in Northeast India and Burma

Th Art of the First Cities: The Third Millennium B.C.
from the Mediterranean to the Indus

Jewelry through the Ages at the Israel Museum

The Bead is Constant
published for the Museum of Archaeology University of
Ghana in collaboration with the Ghana Bead Society
This book introduces the reader to beads in Ghana through
the histories of living people who wear, trade or produce beads




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