Bead Timeline of History

This centerpiece exhibition at the Bead Museum displays more than 2,000
original beads exemplifying the diversity of world cultures and beadmaking

The Timeline spans 35 feet, mounted geographically in broad world regions
from prehistory to the present, and arranged chronologically in flexibly delineated
sections that can be changed as new beads are acquired. A work in progress, its
beads are donated and placed on long term loan to the Museum; it is periodically
expanded as new gifts are received.


The exhibit is supplemented by panels of relevant bead and world history dates, as
well as wall maps and the famous bead chart from Lois Sherr Dubin's "History of Beads"
that highlight locations where beads originate and have been traded between cultures.

The Timeline has been documented in a comprehensive catalogue that, together with
historical and geographical information, provides a rich resource for the Museum's
other exhibits. We believe this is the first time such an extensive, representative exposition
of world beads has been mounted with identifying information.

The Bead Timeline of History is the result of the collaborative efforts of many dedicated
and talented individuals. Well known bead and jewelry historian Jamey D. Allen is the
Guest Curator , and the associate curator is James Lankton, from whose collection
most of the earlier beads originate. Many other collectors have contributed to this
landmark exhibit. Hilary Whittaker is the Timeline Coordinator.


Volume I: Prehistory to 1200 CE

note: requires Acrobat Reader


The Bead Timeline Exhibit


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